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Death Tax Horror Story

Pro-Death Tax supporters have waged an effective public relations war by portraying the Death Tax as only a levy on the super-rich “Wall Street” crowd, a so-called “war on the wealthy.” In order to fight back against this propaganda, we plan to tell the Death Tax horror stories of families hit hard by this destructive tax.

Our goal is to finance and produce dozens of short videos that will launch our campaign to restore the American Dream by repealing the Death Tax. The 60 Plus Association will host informational briefings on Capitol Hill and in key states to educate the public and decision makers on Capitol Hill about the economic destruction the Death Tax causes.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem (R-SD) often speaks about the problems the Death Tax created for her family’s farm when her father unexpectedly passed away (It took her 10 years to pay off the balance of the Death Tax following his death). In a recent focus group conducted by pollster Frank Luntz, her story was extremely effective in terms of influencing members of the group that the Death Tax is morally wrong. We have found that personal stories, more than charts and statistics, are the best way to show the American people and Members of Congress the destruction and devastation the Death Tax causes.

In order to put a face to the tragedy of the Death Tax, we will first identify family business owners who have been hit by the Death Tax within the membership of our organization and allied organizations. Our hired film crew and director will travel across the country capturing these stories.

Our videos will show the American people and Congress that folks worried about the Death Tax are not like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, who protect their assets behind trusts and who have built businesses with the goal of passing them on to the next generation.

It’s time to abolish the death tax once and for all!

As the tax reform debate heats up, we must formally and finally bury the tax that harms jobs, economic growth, small businesses, family farms, and ranches.

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